How To Sharpen Clipper Blades: 8 Steps

How to sharpen clipper blades
With sharp hair clipper blades, you can get the greatest haircut possible. To guarantee a great cut each and every time, learn how to sharpen clipper blades. There is a “right tool” for every task. A sharp pair of hair clippers are that equipment for particular haircuts. You may learn how to sharpen clipper blades by following the eight steps listed by below. Any head of hair can be cut considerably more easily by maintaining sharp hair clipper blades. Sharpening should become commonplace once you have mastered this hair clipper blade maintenance procedure.

How To Sharpen Clipper Blades in 8 Steps

How to sharpen clipper blades
How to sharpen clipper blades

The eight steps listed below can be used to sharpen your hair clipper blades:

1. Remove the Blades 

Before sharpening your hair clipper blades, you must remove them. Most blades have two screws at the bottom that fasten them to the clippers. To remove the screws, use the proper screwdriver (flathead or Phillips).then unscrew the clipper’s blades.

Pro Tip: The blades may be held in place by additional components. Make sure to remove the items carefully. That will make it easier for you to recall how to put the blades back together after sharpening.

2. Attach the Blades to a Magnet Holder

The hair clipper blades are held in place while being sharpened by a specifically made magnet holder. Additionally, it helps shield your fingertips from nicks and wounds during sharpening. If a magnet holder is not available, you can hold the blades for sharpening. To prevent injury, you might want to put on surgical-style gloves.  

3. Run the Blade Across the Sharpening Stone

How to sharpen clipper blades
How to sharpen clipper blades

Whetstone and honing stone are other names for sharpening stones. These stones are available at any hardware shop. Find a stone with a grit grade of 4000 or higher if you want razor-sharp hair clipper blades. On a level surface, keep the stone in position.

The blade should be moved forward at a 45° angle. You should only move the blade forward, that would be better. To put it another way, you shouldn’t swing the blade about. Five to ten passes should be made on the stone in this forward motion.

A bright, uniform blade should result from the sharpening process. After that, flip the blade over and repeat on the other side. After sharpening the first blade, repeat the procedure for the second blade.

4. Repeat the Sharpening process With a Fine Whetstone

A fine whetstone can be used to produce an even sharper edge. This outcome calls for a sharpening stone with an 8000 grit surface. Once more, merely move the blade forward and at an angle across the stone.

It’s optional to perform this further sharpening. You can proceed to cleaning and reassembly if the blade is sufficiently sharp after the first pass.

5. Brush the Blade Clean

To clean the blade, brush it with an old toothbrush. That ought to get rid of any trash or shavings left over from sharpening. Then, use the same brush to clean the clippers. if the blades show indications of obvious corrosion.

After that, let them sit in a solution for cleaning blades for a short while. It ought to be adequate to use a 90% alcohol solution. You should dry the blades after soaking. You will have to get new blades if the rust is still there.

6. Reattach the Blade

In the same location as before, reattach the blades to the clipper base. Make sure the screws are tight.

7. Add Drops of Hair Clipper Oil

A few drops of hair clipper oil should be placed on the blades after you have reassembled the hair clippers. You use that same oil every time you make a few cuts. Overheating of the blades is reduced thanks to the oil. Additionally, the oil lessens friction, which when used continuously, can harm the blades.

8. Run the Hair Clippers

How to sharpen clipper blades
How to sharpen clipper blades

Make sure to run the hair clippers for a few minutes once you have put them back together. The blades will get sharper as a result. For the upcoming cut, they will be prepared.

How often do I need to replace the blades on my hair clippers?

The quality of the blade has a significant impact on that. You could anticipate replacing those blades every four to six months if you use your hair clippers 10 to 15 times every day on average.

So, How To Sharpen Clipper Blades? 

Whether you groom pets or trim buzz cuts at a salon, hair clippers are a must for your line of work. To give your clients the uniform haircuts you desire, however, those hair clippers must be kept in good working order. Knife sharpening techniques can also be used on hair clipper blades.

You require that honing stone. It would be advantageous if you were also confident disassembling your clippers. However, that is a part of the job. Customer satisfaction is directly correlated with sharp hair clipper blades.

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