Review Andis Master Clipper

Andis master clipper

Unquestionably, the Andis Master is among its brand’s top hair clippers. It has a fantastic pattern and is really effective at fading and tapering. The andis master clipper is without a doubt the best clipper for fading, blending, and tapering.

Anyone who has used andis master clipper may confirm the aforementioned claim, I’m sure of it. Andis is a recognized and elite maker of clippers, much as Wahl and Oster, and the Master is one of their greatest models to date. will discuss everything that makes andis master clipper worthwhile purchasing in this product review, as well as a few aspects that might let you down.

Andis Master Features and Functionalities

Andis master clipper
Andis master clipper

These fantastic barber clippers have a ton of amazing features that are worth praising.

It Comes with A Powerful Motor

The Master has a lot of power and speed if those are the qualities you want in a professional hair clipper. I mean a lot—14,000 strokes per minute, to be precise.

It has an electromagnetic high-speed motor that gives you unrivaled clipper strength and at least two times faster cutting. It implies that during periods of heavy traffic, it can be the greatest barber hair clipper.

Has Amazing Adjustable Blades

Aside from the strong motor, the blades also merit praise. The clipper’s taper lever makes it simple to change between blade sizes because they are adjustable.

Additionally, this obvious fact increases your cutting pace, enabling you to finish even the trickiest hairstyles quickly and easily. Making straight, crisp lines and seamless blending is made easier by the carbon-coated steel blades’ extreme precision and sharpness.

It’s a Bit heavy but Just the Right Size

Size and weight are always crucial considerations because they affect how pleasant a clipper will be to use.

Weight could be an issue with the Andis master clipper because it only weights 1.25 lbs.

Many individuals frequently complain that it is too hefty. However, given that it is a quick, powerful hair trimmer, you should be understanding. You won’t even be able to feel its weight until you get the hang of it. Additionally, because it is only 6″ long, it will fit into your hands without difficulty or discomfort.

Comes with an 8-Foot Long Power Cord

Andis master clipper
Andis master clipper

Thanks to its 8-foot power cord, flexibility and working space won’t be a problem. In this manner, you can easily cut through even the toughest-to-reach areas of your client’s skull.

Other Cool Features and Functionalities

  • To provide a more accurate cutting length, the taper lever features designated locations (the positions that click as you move it up and down).
  • The clipper is sturdy and break-resistant because to the aluminum used for the body, which is both strong and light.

These are the key features of this hair Andis master clipper that you will appreciate. Despite all of that, there is one crucial question you should still ask yourself.

Andis Master Usability and Handling

Excellent features are meaningless if the product is difficult to use or handle. You get both with the Andis master clipper. And the reason is that

  • It is powerful and quick, making haircutting more practical and doable—especially for novices.
  • Because it is the ideal size, it will comfortably fit in your hands.
  • Not to mention the 8-foot power chord, which gives you the mobility you need to roam around while working.
  • And because to the clipper’s immense power, you don’t even have to worry about noise or annoying vibrations.

Unfortunately, if I told that this clipper was faultless, I’d be lying. It also has drawbacks. First off, don’t anticipate receiving any guard combs when you purchase it. Blade guard and clipper oil are the only extras included in the box. Thus, you might need to purchase additional components individually. Additionally, any haircut that lasts longer than 20 consecutive minutes will become intolerable owing to heat buildup or an uncomfortable metal housing.

Comparison with other clippers

One single fact emerges from all these comparisons: Even if the Andis master clipper has some drawbacks, it still has at least one advantage over other widely used hair cutters. Let’s examine the value that this clipper has to provide in light of this.

What’s in the Box?

Andis master clipper
Andis master clipper

What kind of value should you anticipate? Well, not much with the Andis master clipper. Yes, it’s a fantastic fading clipper, but that’s the best you can hope for. You’ll be quite dissatisfied with the accessories. Its box contains the following:

  • A hair clipper
  • Blade guard
  • Oil
  • And a user manual

Not much value given that purchasing one of these bad boys will cost you at least $90…I suppose the service, toughness, and performance of the clipper account for the majority of its value. So let’s sum things up as we come to a close.

Summary of Merits


  • includes a strong 14,000 SPM motor
  • adorned with premium carbon-coated stainless steel blades of a
  • high standard
  • has an extremely sturdy and durable aluminum housing.
  • Ergonomic noise-free design for improved usage and handling
  • Ergonomic design for improved handling and usability
  • a magnificent fading clipper
  • fantastic for novices


  • after prolonged use, tends to overheat Limited accessories


The Andis master clipper has a number of significant advantages, including:

  • Added power
  • faster cutting
  • unobtrusive action
  • Reliability
  • a respectable degree of flexibility
  • Excellent appearance, as well as strong handling and usage

However, you’ll also have to contend with heating problems and a dearth of accessories, such as guide combs, for the clipper. It is obvious that the Master has more advantages and disadvantages when you compare its benefits to its drawbacks. It is therefore worthwhile to purchase. However, the Wahl Senior comes highly recommended if you don’t like the Master because it has practically identical qualities.

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